Rick Hawes, Chair

We’re well aware of the continuing concerns about whether it will be possible to dance in Houston in July of 2021.

Honestly, we don’t know yet.

Like everyone else, we’re waiting to see if there will be a vaccine for COVID-19 soon. We’re also monitoring the situation in Houston on a daily basis.

Bluntly, if it’s not safe to dance together in Houston, we will cancel the convention before placing our community at risk.

We’re hoping, of course, that it will be safe to dance together again by next July…but we’re building contingency plans just in case.

Unfortunately, a lot of this is going to need to be finalized based on data we don’t have yet.

Meanwhile, we’re continuing to plan for the on-site, in-person convention, and working on a few surprises.

As the situation develops, this page will be updated, and our own “Little Miss Sunshine”, Allan Hurst, will keep everyone updated on our progress. (As if I could shut him up – there’s a reason his Heads To The Center club name translates to “Bubbles”.)